Conway (hereinafter called DATA OWNER), and DATA SUBSCRIBER, hereby agree to the following by completing payment for your subscription:

In consideration of the mutual covenants hereinafter contained, it is agreed as follows:

  1. The DATA OWNER hereby agrees to grant access to THE Conway Analytics database (hereinafter called the “DATA”) to the DATA SUBSCRIBER.
  2. The DATA SUBSCRIBER agrees that they will not transfer, duplicate, reproduce, electronically reproduce, reuse, sell or share outside their organization any of the DATA in any form.
  3. The DATA SUBSCRIBER agrees that they will not allow any third party, agent, or contractor access to the DATA.
  4. The DATA SUBSCRIBER further agrees that they will not allow any third party, agent, employee or contractor to share or reproduce the DATA, and accepts full liability should anyone on their staff do so.
  5. The DATA SUBSCRIBER acknowledges that:
    1. The DATA shall at all times remain the sole property of the DATA OWNER;
    2. The DATA is proprietary to Conway and not available to the general public.
  6. The DATA SUBSCRIBER agrees to identify Conway, Inc. any time they reference or cite data from the report.
  7. It is understood and agreed that the DATA has been and will be monitored to prevent improper and unauthorized use of the DATA, and that any unauthorized use of the DATA will result in immediate
    suspension of subscription, and the potential legal action should DATA SUBSCRIBER be found to have resold the DATA to a third party.
  8. The DATA SUBSCRIBER agrees to indemnify and hold harmless the DATA OWNER from any and all claims, damages, losses or expense, however incurred, occasioned by the use of the DATA contrary to the provisions of this Agreement by the DATA SUBSCRIBER or any of those referred to above.
  9. The DATA SUBSCRIBER agrees to indemnify the DATA OWNER against any reasonable losses, including reasonable attorneys’ fees, sustained by the DATA OWNER by reason of the breach of any representation, warranty or term of this agreement by the DATA SUBSCRIBER.
  10. This document represents the entire agreement and understanding between the parties with respect to the subject matter it may not be amended, modified or terminated except by the written consent of both parties.
  11. The cost to rent the DATA is non-refundable and cannot be pro-rated.

I agree to ALL the terms outlined above.