Conway Corporate

With over sixty years of operations in Economic Development, the Conway, Inc. corporate team manages the interdependent activities and relationships of our several divisions, partnering entities and locations across the globe.

Laura Lyne, CEO

Laura Lyne

Chief Executive Officer
Ron Starner, Senior Vice President

Ron Starner

Senior Vice President

Debbie Porter, Chief Financial Officer

Debbie Porter

Chief Financial Officer
Charles FitzGibbon, Vice President of Sales

Charles FitzGibbon

Vice President of Sales
Paul Tarrants, Regional Director

Paul Tarrants

Vice President of Corporate Development

Shirar O'Connor, Vice President

Shirar O'Connor

Vice President
David Soden, Director of Information Technology

David Soden

Director of Information Technology
Polly Townsend-Rose, Global Director

Polly Townsend-Rose

Global Director

Michelle Weekley, Global Director of Marketing

Michelle Weekley

Global Director of Marketing & Strategic Partnerships
Drago Napotnik, Country Head – China

Drago Napotnik

Country Head – China
Jolin Feng, Associate Director – China

Jolin Feng

Associate Director – China

Daniel Boyer, Lead Programmer

Daniel Boyer

Lead Programmer
Ben Yawn, Webmaster

Ben Yawn

Tara Lynn Overby, Client Services Manager

Tara Lynn Overby

Client Services Manager

Heather Overman, Business Services Manager

Heather Overman

Business Services Manager
Stephany Gaspard, Marketing Coordinator

Stephany Gaspard

Marketing Coordinator