Conway Events is the world's leading events firm on foreign direct investment FDI and global corporate location trends. Our conferences, forums and seminars are about why and where in the world companies in all sectors are locating their facilities.

Megan Evitts, Senior Manager of Global Events

Megan Evitts

Senior Manager of Global Events
Wouter Schuitemaker , Vice President of Global Development

Wouter Schuitemaker

Vice President of Global Development
Kalyn Soenksen, Manager of Global Events

Kalyn Soenksen

Manager of Global Events

Laura Martin, Market Development Manager

Laura Martin

Market Development Manager
Polly Townsend-Rose, Global Director

Polly Townsend-Rose

Global Director
Stephany Gaspard, Marketing Coordinator

Stephany Gaspard

Marketing Manager

Bobby Pereira, Director - Latin America

Bobby Pereira

Director - Latin America
Drago Napotnik, Country Head – China

Drago Napotnik

Country Head – China
Kristin Picket, Regional Director

Kristin Picket

Regional Director

Katharina Arnold Rokita, Media Representative - Poland

Katharina Arnold Rokita

Media Representative - Poland
Sebastijan Jug , Staff Photographer

Sebastijan Jug

Staff Photographer
Shay La'Vee, Staff Photographer

Shay La'Vee

Staff Photographer