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Mark Arend, Editor in Chief

Mark Arend

Editor in Chief

Adam Bruns

Managing Editor
Charles FitzGibbon, Vice President of Sales

Charles FitzGibbon

Vice President of Sales

Gary Daughters, Senior Editor

Gary Daughters

Senior Editor
Rachel Duran, Contributing Editor

Rachel Duran

Contributing Editor
Polly Townsend-Rose, Global Director

Polly Townsend-Rose

Global Director

Cathy McFarland, Regional Director

Cathy McFarland

Regional Director
Mike Glennon, Regional Director

Mike Glennon

Regional Director
Paul Newman, Regional Director

Paul Newman

Regional Director

Harry Neill, Regional Director

Harry Neill

Regional Director
Margaret Rose, Regional Director

Margaret Rose

Regional Director
Stephany Gaspard, Marketing Coordinator

Stephany Gaspard

Marketing Manager

Cathie Wendt, Marketing Coordinator

Cathie Wendt

Marketing Coordinator
Julie Clarke, Circulation Managaer

Julie Clarke

Circulation Magnager
Shay La'Vee, Staff Photographer

Shay La'Vee

Staff Photographer

Drago Napotnik, Country Director – China

Drago Napotnik

Country Director – China
Bobby Pereira, Director - Latin America

Bobby Pereira

Director - Latin America
Chul Lee, Media Representative - , Korea

Chul Lee

Media Representative - Korea

Chris Enyi, Media Representative - , Nigeria

Chris Enyi

Media Representative - Nigeria
Hiroko Minato, Media Representative - , Japan

Hiroko Minato

Media Representative - Japan
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Patrick Franz

Media Representative - Australia & New Zealand

YT Sia, Media Representative - , Malaysia

YT Sia

Media Representative - Malaysia
Ana Arroyo

Ana Arroyo

Media Representative - Mexico
Katharina Arnold Rokita, Media Representative - Poland

Katharina Arnold Rokita

Media Representative - Poland

Fabio Yamada, Media Representative - Brazil

Fabio Yamada

Media Representative - Brazil
Daniel Ding - Director of Beijing Office

Daniel Ding

Director of Beijing Office
Alex Hou - Deputy    Director of Beijing Office

Alex Hou

Deputy Director of Beijing Office

Jade Wang - Lead Generation Manager

Jade Wang

Marketing Manager
Will Sun - PR Manager

Will Sun

PR Manager
Harry Sun - Lead Generation Manager

Harry Sun

Lead Generation Manager