Conway Analytics

For six decades Conway's expert research team has produced industry-best economic intelligence and quantitative analysis. We provide strategic guidance for optimizing domestic and cross-border corporate investment location decisions on a global scale. In a time of mounting global economic and geopolitical turbulence, decision-makers around the world need an accurate compass more than ever. Conway's clients leverage our data and analysis to identify the territories that best fit their needs, and access the risks and advantages those territories offer.

This is Conway Analytics' commitment.

Every region boasts of their attractiveness and competitiveness. Being able to cut through the hype and identify the true risks, access available resources and evaluate divergent business climates is essential. This is why we work with both public and private sector organizations, including investment promotion agencies and economic development organizations, to enhance their investment-attraction strategies with improved data and reporting. Our data plays a key role in targeting and profiling prospective investors, as well as promoting specific locations in all parts of the world. 

Our seasoned team of analysts have long been recognized for employing unmatched standards of integrity in data management and analysis.

Conway Analytics manages the Conway Projects Database, which contains over 200,000 facility location and expansion project records going back to 1988. Every month, the Conway Analytics Report offers a cutting-edge analysis of both recent and anticipated investment activity, an indispensable economic intelligence tool to uncover the expansion strategies of corporations around the globe.


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