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A global database of corporate facility expansion projects, compiling industry-best data since 1989
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Conway Analytics is a global database of corporate facility expansion projects, providing easily digestible, low-cost access to critical business intelligence, including global project tracking and lead signals for expanding or relocating corporations.

Our interactive database provides near real-time simplified industry reports, profiles and project insights. Customers can sort, download and track all of Conway’s accumulated project and lead data as well as legacy data on projects going back nearly 30 years. This value-added business intelligence service provides the right data and analytical tools to stay current on global investment leads and trends to help your business evolve.

This next-generation data product offers at least 150 leads* to your inbox per month, allowing you to:

  • Profile and target potential investors
  • Position yourself better in the market
  • Prepare an improved business attraction strategy
*Source: Conway Analytics

Project Tracking

Between 3,000 and 4,000 new international investment projects each year*

Data Visualization

create and download data visualizations based on search criteria

New Leads

All new Lead Signals have been announced within the previous two months

Helpful Highlights

investment breakdowns by industry, geographic region, number of jobs created and other summaries

Industry Commentary

Providing insight into the thought processes of top-level executives and the strategic directions of different industries
*Source: Conway Analytics
I am totally impressed by the width and depth of your statistics. This is certainly the best quality I have ever seen in FDI analytics.”
— Kristin Gabor, Regional Manager, IMG Saxony-Anhalt, Germany

Pricing Options

Conway Analytics offers two pricing options


$4,900 Annually

Investment Project Data Only  


$8,800 Annually

 Investment Project Data + Lead Signals

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