Practice Areas


Conway has extensive trade experience ranging from the development of inbound and outbound missions across numerous industry sectors to managing trade services and chargeable services for our clients.

We provide turn-key trade support for mission development, which includes company recruitment, mission communications, logistics, and program development. Our results-driven services deliver dedicated missions as well as missions tied to trade shows and third-party events.

Conway provides trade support in all global markets across all industry sectors.


The Conway team has worked within some of the top investment promotion agencies in the world and currently provides public relations and marketing support for a diverse group of economic development clients focused on both interstate investment and foreign direct investment.

We specialize in government-to-business and business-to-business services that support the strategic and business development objectives of investment promotion agencies.

We provide investment related support and services across all industry sectors and in every market in the world.

Sector-Centric Programs

Sector-centric focus, or a vertical approach to economic development, is one of the practices that Conway eschews. We strongly advocate our clients take a sector focused approach, whether it be public relations, lead generation or event marketing.

By segmenting all of the work we do by sector, we're able to target our client's message, holistically communicating our client's value proposition. We encourage our clients to focus on several key industry sectors, then future segment by geography.


This is where our job gets really fun. Conway provides tourism driven public relations and marketing campaigns for countries, states, and regions which consider tourism an integral part of their economic development. We manage macro tourism positioning and focus on perception building, place branding, crisis management, and transformational campaigns.

Our extensive experience includes tourism campaigns for states, regions, and communities such as Barbados, Rhode Island, Florida's Great Northwest, Québec, and many others.   

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