Public Relations

We believe in the power of weaving information into stories to promote our client's economies and put them front and center in the minds of corporate decision makers.

Our success is driven by our expertise in economic development. We understand the issues, the trends, and the relevant subject matter of the industry and how it relates to the rest of the world. Conway identifies our clients' economic assets and packages them into stories we "sell" to the media in ways that promote the positive attributes of our clients' industry eco-systems and the unique assets they have to support industries in specific sectors.

Media Relations

Media relations is the end-game of any public relations campaign, and Conway takes pride in having earned a reputation for being professional, knowledgeable, and essential to our partners in the press. We view the relationships we have with the media as partnerships and we have developed these relationships over years of honest, reputable interaction, providing insight and research to our partners in the media know they can trust.

Conway only uses senior publicists to communicate with the media. We don't "pitch" them — instead, we have open conversations that help us identify the story lines the journalists are pursuing, and identify where we can insert our clients' examples and information into the stories they are writing. Our years of experience provides us an intuitive understanding of what's relevant and trending with the media, and the placements we secure for our clients demonstrate our ability to make those connections.


Economic development isn't a one-size fits all proposition. What works well for one community may not work well for another. Each program must be specifically crafted to take into account the unique assets of the community and incorporate strategic, tactical, and practical elements which combined, achieve the objectives of our client.

Conway leverages the entire marketing mix and all the marketing platforms available to us to meet our clients' targets.

At Conway it's not just about the planning. We're eager to roll up our sleeves to execute and deliver the programs, whatever that delivery entails. Your goals are our goals, your success the benchmark by which we are measured. We get in the trenches with you, because we understand that every marketing outcome is achieved through a process-driven approach. We know through vast experience which tools and tactics to employ to ensure the success of these targeted programs.

Event Marketing

The PONT Group has global event development experience ranging from large-scale conferences to small private events and dinners. 

Foreign Direct Investment

Foreign Direct Investment. It's the holy grail of economic development. FDI is one of our team's overriding strengths. We're an experienced, respected international group who've worked within some of the world's top investment promotion agencies, such as the Netherlands Foreign Investment Agency, UK Trade & Investment, and ADERLY, the City of Lyon.

Conway provides a full range of services in nearly every country on earth. We provide public relations, lead generation, full event development, and a wide range of support and marketing services in international markets.

We have unsurpassed international networks that have been developed over 25 years of working in foreign direct investment. Members of The Conway team have lived and worked in Trinidad, South Africa, India, Thailand, Portugal, the Netherlands, UK, France, Switzerland, Mexico, New Zealand, Hong Kong, and many other countries.

Most of Conway's team members are bilingual, and all are experienced and comfortable operating in international business environments.

Social Media

Leveraging digital platforms for economic promotion is becoming an integral part of communicating news and information to target groups and influencers in the industry sectors.

For economic development professionals, social media is growing in efficiency and effectiveness for outbound communications. Equally, it is becoming an important research and intelligence gathering medium as organizations are able to track the movements of executives from specific companies or the activities of specific consultants working in the industry.

Conway offers custom programs for our clients, which focus on factors relevant to their marketing and business development strategies. We develop social media programs which target, provide market intelligence, and push information out into social channels. 

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