FDI Training - Our Approach

Our approach to foreign direct investment (FDI) training is based on our extensive experience working with both companies and investment promotion agencies on FDI-related projects.

Conway Advisory has provided training on an extensive variety of issues related to FDI. These range from basic principles of FDI for individuals that are new to the field to advanced sales training for highly experienced FDI practitioners.

Participants in our training courses gain a solid understanding of the key drivers of corporate investment decisions and the developments affecting FDI today. We are able to provide courses that address the full range of activities that a successful investment promotion agency (IPA) must conduct, from developing an effective strategy through to positioning the location and supporting companies throughout the investment process.

Conway Advisory training is practical and not academic. Participants are immersed into the real world of FDI and develop an understanding of the success factors for attracting investment in a competitive environment. The training provides participants with real-life skills that they can apply in their day-to-day activities.

Our training is interactive and includes practical exercises where participants work in teams to put key concepts into practice. Exercises are based on case studies drawing on real FDI projects. Preparatory background reading and activities are also suggested to ensure that participants are introduced to key concepts in advance.

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