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Competition among locations to attract foreign direct investment (FDI) has become intense. Almost every country, region and city now has an investment promotion agency all vying for the same attention from corporate investors, executives, expanding companies, and talent. 

In this environment, it has become difficult for locations to differentiate themselves and to promote their unique advantages. Conway Advisory can help your agency to overcome these challenges and successfully attract investment.


-Identify target groups of companies with the highest potential for making investments

-Prepare practical investment attraction plans for your global network

-Implement best-practice processes and tools for lead generation and management

-Retain existing investors through successful aftercare programs

Case Studies

  • Panama Pacifico

    Panama Pacifico, a mixed-use redevelopment project of the former US Howard Air Force Base, wished to develop a FDI attraction strategy and international promotion campaign. Over a period of 5 months, Conway Advisory:

    • Gathered and reviewed information and data on Panama’s economy, infrastructure and other location attributes and recent investment activity as well as on Panama Pacifico’scharacteristics compared to competitor sites,
    • Identified specific industries and certain types of corporate activity as target sectors for investment attraction and analyzed these regarding key target countries and more specific target groups of companies and their potential to invest in Panama,
    • Developed an action plan for pro-active investment attraction activities in the identified target sectors and countries as well as a marketing strategy defining promotional measures and objectives for achieving a greater international awareness of Panama Pacifico as an attractive investment destination.
  • Invest in Catalonia

    Invest in Catalonia wished to develop an entirely new FDI attraction strategy in light of economic changes in Spain. Over a period of one year, we have:

    • Evaluated over 50 industry sectors to identify those with the greatest potential for attracting FDI to Catalonia.
    • Conducted a detailed mapping of the top sectors to determine key markets for attracting FDI and identify opportunities for promoting Catalonia and reaching potential investors.
    • Developed a detailed 2-year action plan for each of the Catalonia offices around the world involved in FDI attraction.
    • Conducted two workshops for Invest in Catalonia’s entire team of domestic and foreign-based FDI professionals.
  • AEP

    AEP, one of the largest electric utilities in the United States, wished to develop a strategy for attracting FDI to its service territory which covers 11 US states. Over a period of 5 months, Conway Advisory:

    • Distinguished 17 sub-state level regions in AEP’s service territory and analyzed key manufacturing sectors and investment projects (both domestic and international) in each region to identify a longlist of 10 potential target industries,
    • Conducted a detailed analysis of target industries’ structure and developments as well as characteristics and determinants of FDI projects into the US and determined top source countries and key sub-sectors of a shortlist of 6 target industries with the greatest potential for attracting FDI,
    • Developed an action plan consisting of specific activities for approaching potential investors (e.g. visiting trade shows and conferences) and promoting AEP’s service territory as an attractive investment location (e.g. through multipliers and specific media) and determined the level of funding and personnel resources required for implementation.
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